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Websites development

We mainly build custom websites.

If your needs can be addressed with the use of a free CMS (Joomla, SPIP, Drupal, etc.). We can choose one for you. In this case, we only charge the installation, setting up and customization of the CMS on an hourly basis.

If your needs are more specific, we will develop your site with HTML, CSS, PHP and javascript languages. Our sites are search engines friendly (which is an asset for search engine optimization) and optimized to load very quickly on the client side.
This service includes a 6 months free maintenance in order to deal with minor adjustments (text, formatting, etc..) that should be necessary after your site has been brought online.


If you do not have any preference, we will choose the hosting that best suits your needs (monthly traffic, web features, etc.). We favor companies with efficient and competitive services with whom we already worked.
As an example, the domain name registration and hosting of a regular site with a target of 1000 visits per day cost about 50 euros/year.